Most people associate technology with powerful communication. People in sales and business rely on quantitative data, graphs, and analysis to make the case.

But the most powerful means of communication has existed for thousands of years, pre-dating all current technology and analysis. Used skillfully, it makes an emotional connection to SUPPORT the analytics of a business plan, sales presentation, or team meeting. The highest paid sales people, and the most successful leaders, all use it to connect with the people who empower their success.

Jerry Borrowman, has worked with premier financial services firms, including AALU, NAIFA, Penn Mutual, New York Life, and other industry associations. Now he is bringing that experience to all industries.

Jerry backs up his training with personal experience, having closed multi-million dollar sales with extremely high net worth clients, including a $7.5 million single premium estate planning case, as well as a life insurance policies totaling $150 million that insured the lives of three owners of a 100 year old family business.

To learn the common denominator to Jerry’s successful avocation as a writer of gripping military history as well as his top tier sales performance, book Jerry now to meet with your leadership team, top sales professionals, or your company trainers to learn about “The Most Powerful Communication Device in the World” can transform your success with clients, co-workers, and peers.