About Jerry Borrowman

Chartered Financial Consultant, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker

Jerry Borrowman is a Main Stage and Workshop Speaker, A Best-Selling Author, a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Producer and Trainer in Life Insurance and Financial Services.

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What do these seemingly unrelated activities have in common? Their success lies in the quality of the stories that unite the heart and mind. And well-told stories are Jerry Borrowman’s love and passion.

“When it comes to complex and intangible products, like financial services and high end goods that require one-on one selling, people buy the story before they buy the product.

I work with sales professionals to tell well-crafted stories that drive sales.

Having spoken at more than 2000 meetings around the world I bring first-hand experience with the remarkable impact that stories have in training and in selling. For example, I recently helped a family owned business purchase $50 million of life insurance to fund an inter-family buy-sell agreement. Stories played an integral role in that sale. In fact, I use stories in every client interview to bridge the gap between logic and emotion.

But, my love of stories goes deeper than that. In addition to a successful career in financial services, I have also authored seventeen books of biography, historical fiction, and inspirational non-fiction. “Compassionate Soldier” earned the “George Washington Medal of Honor from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge in 2018 because the book featured the inspirational stories of truly heroic men and women who placed the needs of others ahead of themselves in the crucible of war. It also took first place (Gold) in the Foreword Reviews 2018 Indie Awards in the category of Military and War.

Stories do inspire!

Now I bring the storytelling skills that have captured the imagination of more than one million readers of my books, as well as the business stories that have helped close multi-million dollar premium sales in financial services, to teach you and your associates how to increase sales. More important, your customers and clients will be better served. I’d love to speak to your team and your trainers!


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“Jerry Borrowman captivates an audience with his unique blend of storytelling and skill building techniques. His ability to connect with each participant individually results in maximum impact. Jerry shares his vast experiences as a highly accomplished businessman, trainer, speaker and author which provide a framework for helping you accomplish your goals.”

Eileen C. McDonald, Chairman and CEO, Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

“With respect to “The Most Powerful Communication Device in the World,” I want to thank you for another great presentation and reminder to use stories. I took notes until my pen ran out of ink!”

K.W., Insurance Producer, American National

“I’ve had the privilege to know Jerry Borrowman for nearly 25 years. Jerry is recognized as an expert in the financial services field, an accomplished author, and a much sought after speaker and trainer. Perhaps Jerry’s greatest gift is his ability to communicate with audiences large and small and make it feel personal for every person in the room. Not only are his presentations engaging and entertaining, they offer practical, real world instruction that can be implemented immediately. Any organization that wants to make their sales teams more productive would be well served by engaging Jerry as a speaker or trainer. He is a true master at both.”

Charles Funke, CEO, ASEA, LLC

More About Jerry

“Jerry Borrowman is a best selling author of historical fiction and co-authored biography. His “Three Against Hitler” with Rudi Wobbe is a George Washington National Award Winner from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for promoting the cause of freedom. Jerry has given voice to true heroes — Rudi Wobbe, a German boy who stood up against the Third Reich, Joe Banks in “A Distant Prayer” who served on 49 combat missions deep into German territory in a B-17 bomber, only to be shot down and taken prisoner of war, and Colonel Bernard Fisher, USAF, a career Air Force pilot who was awarded the Medal of Honor for Valor Above and Beyond the Call of Duty in Vietnam.”

“Borrowman does a superb job of portraying life, including the values and prejudices of the early twentieth century. He brings a realism to that period that is slower and more innocent than teens experience today, yet the reader is led to an awareness of and learns to care about the hopes and dreams of these soon-to-be-men, who live in a time when automobiles are still new and airplanes are little more than toys…

Jerry’s books are for readers of all ages, men and women. They will inspire you by the great sacrifices made by those who have fought for American freedom.”

Jennie Hansen, Reviewer for Meridian Magazine

“…perfectly captures the struggles and sacrifices of those who served our country in the Mediterranean theater in World War II.  These are stories that every American needs to remember and appreciate.”

Orrin Hatch, Former United States Senator

  • Jerry and his wife Marcella have traveled to many of the places featured in his books, including England, Europe, and the Mediterranean. The history in Jerry’s books, both novels and biographies, is as accurate as his research, including his travels, can make it.
  • Jerry and Marcella live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have four children – Scott, Jeff (and Eden), Steven, and Kelissa (and Russell).