Steamship to Zion

It is the spring of 1850,

and the Chandler family is quietly leaving England for a well-deserved vacation earned by family patriarch Henry Chandler, a clerk for the Cunard shipping line.

The holiday is a pretense. In actuality, the family does not plan to return to their home. They have recently joined the Mormon Church and are journeying west to join the Saints in Utah. But as they prepare to board ship, they encounter a desperate young woman attempting to travel alone. The Chandlers graciously offer to chaperon Gloria Palmerston to New York City.

Little do they know this strong-willed young lady holds a dangerous secret. Upon arriving in the United States, the Chandlers’ passage west is unexpectedly interrupted and the family is forced to work on a steamship bound for Panama as they inch closer to their goal of the Great Salt Lake valley. With hopes of reaching the Zion of the West through a San Francisco route, the Chandler family and Miss Palmerston embark on a heroic undertaking as they face stormy seas, dishonest confidants, unending toil, strife, and betrayal—but also the helping hands of the famous Sam Brannan and Porter Rockwell.

​But there are some things worth sacrificing everything for. Book passage on Steamship to Zion and see how one family endures and proves the measure of their faith.