The story behind the stories

More than 1 million people have read Jerry’s books. Let your group hear the first-hand experiences of¬†helping true American heroes write their stories. Learn how historical fiction is an authentic way to bring history to life in heart-stopping stories filled with action.


There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as hearing an author speak to the stories he or she writes — how they found the story, why they decided to present it in the format chosen, and the stories that didn’t make it into the book. Jerry Borrowman has shared his behind-the-scenes look at writing with business groups, youth groups, and book clubs. The success of these ventures is measured by the dozens of questions that participants ask throughout the presentation.

For business groups he is often the “after-hours” speaker at a dinner meeting or luncheon to provide a contrast to the business topics of the day. For youth groups and book clubs he brings to life the inspiration in the stories of brave men and women who stand up for the cause of freedom. Click below to find a time when Jerry can speak to your group.