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Attack the Lusitania! by Jerry Borrowman                                 Released April 2011

1915: A U-boat swiftly slips away as a torpedoed freighter sinks into the cold Atlantic, muffling the anguished
cries of its burning crew. As war escalates around the world, Germany has shocked mankind by firing on
civilian as well as military targets, including the doomed American cargo ship. Amid the international chaos,
duty calls Bill Shafer from his humble home in Liverpool, and business draws Everett Stringham from his
comfortable life in the United States. Their paths cross aboard the pride of the British fleet, the luxury cruise
liner R.M.S. Lusitania...                                                                                                 
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Life and Death at Hoover Dam book cover
Life and Death at Hoover Dam  by Jerry Borrowman                 Released August 2010

It’s 1931 and men are desperate for jobs. A lucky few will get to work in the searing heat of the Nevada desert
on the massive Hoover Dam, the single largest public works project in history. Their goal is to tame the
mighty Colorado River with a dam that towers sixty stories high from the base of the canyon to the crest of the
dam. These men endured choking on gasoline fumes in five-story tunnels that exceeded 120 degrees and
dangling by slender cables from the thousand foot walls of the canyon to blast the loose rock and gravel into
oblivion. And together they’ll fight the river with all their might, and perhaps their lives...        
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Porter Rockwell book cover
Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell                                 Released May 2010
by John W. Rockwell & Jerry Borrowman

When Orrin Porter Rockwell died in 1878, he was as well known as Brigham Young. Cowboys sang songs
about him, and newspapers had frequently printed scandalous accounts about the malicious Mormon
destroying angel. But to many, Rockwell was a guardian angel and saved far more lives than he took. History
tells two contrasting narratives about one of the West's most controversial men.      
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One Last Chance book cover
One Last Chance                                                                        Released April 2009
by Jerry Borrowman                                                              Watch YouTube video trailer

Artie Call can't get a break. Orphaned during the Depression, he steals food to survive. When mischief lands
him in juvenile court, he's offered a home by fellow ward member David Boone, but then suffers under
Boone's unkind and unyielding treatment. And after Artie helps the victim of a robbery gone bad, he's
abandoned by Boone and is almost sentenced to juvenile hall.  Then his luck and life suddenly change.           
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Home Again At Last book cover
Home Again At Last: A World War II Novel                                  Released April 2008
by Jerry Borrowman

Britain has been battling the Second World War for three discouraging years. Nazi Germany is at the
pinnacle of its power. But now, with the Americans drawn into the monumental conflict, a critical turning point
has been reached. First Lieutenant Michael Carlyle is being transferred from captaining a motor torpedo boat
to fighting against the Germans and Italians in North Africa                                
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As Time Goes By book cover
As Time Goes By: A World War II Novel - Battle of Britain by Jerry Borrowman

The outbreak of war threatened all families living in England, including the rich and powerful.  Lord Philip
Carlyle, a member of Winston Churchill’s War Cabinet, was keenly aware of the danger as the father of two
military age sons, Michael and Dominic.  Now their adopted country would call on them at its hour of greatest
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I'll Be Seeing You book cover
I'll Be Seeing You: A World War II Novel by Jerry Borrowman

As the Depression worsens, a distant war draws near. Dan O'Brien finds he is once again embroiled with
the inner conflicts he had hoped were far behind him after returning from World War I. Dan holds a strong
conviction that the United States should stay out of the new war--because this time it is his son, Cory, whose
life could be threatened by a foreign menace. But convictions can change.
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'Til The Boys Come Home book cover
'Til the Boys Come Home: A World War I Novel by Jerry Borrowman

At fifteen, Danny O'Brian dreams of being something different than what his union-leader father has
become--and now that the Richards family has moved to town, maybe it's possible. The Richards family has
everything that the O'Brians seem to lack--education, money, social standing--and best of all, they are truly
kind to Danny.
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A Distant Prayer book cover
A Distant Prayer: Miracles of the
49th Combat Mission
by Joseph Banks and Jerry Borrowman

This is the remarkable true story of Joseph
Banks, a young LDS member and lone
survivor of his plane that was shot down
during a dangerous bombing run over
Germany ...              
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Three Against Hitler book cover
Three Against Hitler by Rudi Wobbe
and Jerry Borrowman

"Charged with Preparation to High Treason
and Aiding and Abetting the Enemy".  Thus
began the trial of Rudi Wobbe and two friends
as they stood before the justices of the
dreaded Voksgerichtshof, the infamous
supreme court of Nazi Germany.
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